Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Day 9: What I believe

I believe lightning always strikes twice

I believe in magic... in a young girls heart.

I believe money is the only true happiness

I believe in Norris, Chuck Norris.

I believe in Obama. *snort*

I believe in normal magic as well.

I believe in mythical creatures... Except for giraffes. A neck that long isn't even possible.

I believe in DECA.

I believe in Michael Jordan. He's real.

I believe in solving each and every one of my problems with violence.

I believe I can fly.

I believe I can touch the sky.

I believe in the force. (A.K.A. The Priesthood)

I believe in dating up the ladies.

I believe women will reject you most of the times when you try to date them. (Yes, i am talking about you)

I believe your heart breaks when the above mentioned belief happens.

I believe in drifting in the snow.

I believe in snow.

I believe if you can't beat 'em, kill 'em.

I believe the saxophone isn't a real instrument.

I believe in LIFE after love after love after love after love....

I believe an eye for an eye makes everyone a pirate. (aaaargh! That be Thuggin matey!)

I believe in myself.

I believe in holding grudges. For life.

I believe that anyone who actually read this whole list is my homie. Bigtime.

This is what I believe.

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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

18 years old

So Zach and I are at wal mart lookin at birthday cards and we found one that says "you're 18! Now you can vote, sign contracts, and get married! Looks like you have a busy day ahead of you!"

So I read it out loud, then about 30 seconds later this old man goes "yeah when you're 18 you're old enough to vote, get married and get drafted, but not old enough to sit down and have a Nice beer. You two have a good night!" and then he walked away. Thank you for the life lesson old man. It was appreciated.

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Jessie at lunch

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At lunch

Friday, January 21, 2011

Birthday Boy

Do you know how long it took to get a pic of this guy?
He didn't wanna show his stitched up face (a.k.a. stitch face... cause he's a lady killer)

But I finally got two.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Life Changing Experience

Yesterday morning we were baptized by none other than George Durfee. That'll change your life.

By the way, last time was the 50th post. That's kind of big I guess.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Day 2, my first love

My first love was back in junior high. I can distinctly remember the day. The first few periods were nothing special, but then came my co-ed p.e. class. I don't know how I missed her for so long in that school... I had never noticed her before. But there she was. I guess I was never very observant in Junior High, because soon after noticing her in that class I realized she was in all of my A day classes. So I had to make some advances. I felt inseparable with her. Like we had the strangest connection that even most women wouldn't understand.

That day I saw her in p.e. though, I just felt something. It was new, strange and exciting. A feeling in my chest. It was exhilarating, fascinating, and above all, unmovable. The odd thing is, I didn't actually see her until I was in the locker room. I looked down and there she was...

My First Chest Hair.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Quotes of John

John Deans that is. I had his class last semester... the class of Film as Literature. I'm serious when I say this, that I had more paperwork in that class than in all of my other classes combined. Probably about 3 times as much as the rest of them, and that's no joke. He had his good days, but most of the time he talked so much that I began to be amazed at how he didn't confuse himself as well as all of his students. I guess it was good that he was pretty lenient when it came to grading the papers (as long as they weren't late). I'm convinced that he didn't even read them, just as long as the whole page was filled with writing he called it good.

While we were watching movies, our friend Mr. Deans would pause it and then come out with a remark such as "Now I want you to look at that scene..." And then press play again. I didn't get it.

A lot of times Zach and I would be wondering if he was going to finish his sentence, while other times we'd just be left wondering ". . . What?"

We took the liberty of writing down some of his quotes. Here you go:
From the Mouth of John

The things you're about to see are happening this very moment.

At the first sign of trouble you should've already left.

If there's danger... leave.

If you can imagine your worst nightmares.... He's gonna send 'em right where they need to be.

Romantic does not mean boy-girl... Necessarily...

It should start to jump out at you a good movie. (fragment, consider revising)

If you just thought, "This is a bore, when do I go to lunch?" Then that's what you... That's you're reward.

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Thursday, January 13, 2011

I have something to say

On the first day of blogging my true love gave to me... Or was true love day 2? I forgot... The point is, it doesn't matter, because I already know you! So why do you have to write thirty posts about things you've already repeated multiple times previously in your blog? You're blog is all about you already, so I already know you. It's like we have an inner bloggers connection. You don't need to remind me of all of your strengths and all of your foibles.(Word taken from seminary)

Sure maybe I don't know all of the little things, but please, spare me the details. I feel like I'm on a sinking ship where I'm the only one that's trying to escape! Whoever conceived of the iceberg of this thirty days thing is sinking the titanic. The titanic of blogging that is.

I don't know why it is that we as humans want to be trapped so much. You may think of freedom, read quotes of freedom, and even wish for freedom, but you will most always return to captivity. Imagine the daily routine you go through every day. When your schedule falls out of place, your day can be ruined, and you do all you can to not make the same mistake the next day. Once you get out of school for the summer, you're happy. Even then however, once summer is drawing to a close you'd be hard pressed to find someone who wasn't excited to go back. For some reason everyone loves everything planned out for them. And all you mindless bloggers are proving me right by catering to this so called "30 days of blogging". More like 30 days of SUCKing! You're being chained down by the very blogs with which you had wished to become free!

Prove your freedom, and deny the 30 days of blogging. There is still hope. I still like you all. I just don't want you to fall to the Least Common Denominator of blogging because someone told you to, instead of blogging because you want to. A very wise person told me today "I want to blog about what I want to blog about." Such simple words, yet so piercing. Please heed them. That is all.

Is this a joke?

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Friday, January 7, 2011

Zach Runs This

Well hello everyone, this is Zach. Not Danny. We're in class right now, so yeah we're pretty bad. But i wanted to post something on his blog because i have something to say that i believe the general public would benefit from.

So here's the thing. This book

Is the devil. First of all, no teacher should ever force any student to read this piece of garbage. No offense to those that love this book, but all of you must be devil worshippers because that's what this book is promoting. You're all probably leading members of the fraternity. The evil fraternity that is. I hope those of you that are forced to read this book will realize that you really need to either repent, or read the BOM for multiple hours immediately following. you're welcome

from your sincerely concerned friend- zachary george harris

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Thursday, January 6, 2011

This is real

I saw this on a car. Like a real car!

This is pretty funny too.

One last thing, I don't really like 'The Haunting of Alaizabel Cray'.

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Tuesday, January 4, 2011


You should be excited. In two days, The Mac App Store is coming out. That's right. On January 6th, the very same app store that you have come to love on your ipod and iphone will be available on your mac. With all the same lovable features. If you can't tell, I'm pretty excited. Just two more days and you can download it! Oh by the way, I wrote this whole blog on my ipod. And Jessie you said you could only write a title on an ipad/ipod. Well get the app called BlogPress, and you can do anything basically. The Mac App Store. Coming to a Mac near you!

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Monday, January 3, 2011

Grandma's house

So for Christmas, I went to Oregon! It was actually very nice there. There's even more trees there than here in PG, "the city of trees". (go figure) Anyways, I was at Grandma Harding's house for the first few days, and I realized her house is actually very nice. It's always clean and tidy and looked great with christmas decorations.

This door could open either the top half, or the bottom half.
Whichever you prefer.

Some deer came to visit every single day!

Look at that window! What a view.
More Christmas Decorations

This Clock is wind up
Overall, Grandma and Grandpa Harding's house is really cool. Staying there was way fun!