Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Join me on my spiritual day.

Sorry this is so long, but it's totally worth reading.  Guaranteed.

Today was freaking dope.  First of all, morningside.  That was sweet.  He said to be missionaries on the internet, so here's my "two cents" (Lisa).  Seminary was awesome.  We were talking about the different glories and all of that crazy stuff, you know the stuff that always blows your mind?  Yeah.  Anyways, the deal is that if we don't repent then we have to suffer what Christ suffered.  I'd rather use repentance.  Also, there's no such thing as burning in Hell, cause you don't burn there, it's just spirit prison.  All they do there is teach you what you didn't accept on earth...  It's like eternal high school, but you never get to go home.  That lesson made me feel good too.

Finally missionary splits.  We went out and no one would let us into their houses.  There was this old lady who was like "what do you want?!"  We told her and she said "We're not interested!  We're catholic!" (Ask me at school to do the accent, she sounded pretty funny)  And then we got a call about this guy who wanted to quit smoking, so we went to a church building and talked to him.  But first we gave him a tour of the building and explained all the paintings to him.  He loved those.  So we sat down and talked about the B of M for a while, and the missionary goes "you know that picture of the guy praying on the gold plates? (Moroni) This book is those gold plates."  That hit me so strong it was crazy.  My chest felt so big.  Then the investigator says "you know that warmth?  like, it's always with  my cause my angel is protecting me, but when I walked in here I just felt the warmth like 10 times as much cause of all the angels protecting this place."  It was a funny way of putting it, but that was definitely the spirit, and I loved it.  I realized that I take the spirit for granted so much because it's basically always with me.  Since we have it all the time, I think that we don't realize how much it's with us.  But if you stop for even just 30 seconds and realize what you're feeling and let it really engulf you, then you'll be able to feel the true spirit, as well as Christ's love for you.  Jesus Christ is the best, and he died for me.  I love him so much.  And now it feels weird not to put this, so I say this in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Park City. Shirts. Girls. N64.

So Monday and Tuesday I was in Park City for DECA!  Park city was awesome!  First, when we got there, we went to the outlet mall.  Of course I only went into the NIKE outlet store..   It was awesome!  There were like 15 different shirts that were 2 for 20, so Zach and I both got two.  One of mine has a basketball on it, and the other one says "Remember the Legend".  Be looking for those shirts in the next two weeks. One's white, one's gray.  Then there was some classes and those were boring, but they fed us both days so it was alright.


Lehi ladies.  They were on the same bus as us and were pretty cool.  Also, they were definitely babe status.  Maybe we'll be facebook friends one day!

Finally, Nintendo 64.  Zach brought it, and it was sweet!   We played some classic DK 64, and then we switched to BLITZ 2000!  It was so much fun!  And Carson Wilde totally hustled us.  He was acting like he didn't know this game, but then he just wrecked us in it every time!  He's a BLITZ king!  That kept us pretty busy last night.  So sweet

Saturday, October 16, 2010

College for reals yo

I'm in Idaho!  I'm learning that the college life might actually be fun.  As long as Matt Maughan and Austin Ellis are your roommates that is.  Since I got here I've: played basketball, got free blueberry muffins, watched The Sandlot, and played FIFA.  Good times so far.  Plus there's no parents to let you know what you should be doing.  That's a plus.  Tomorrow oughta be good!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


When the question arises "What are we doing for mutual?"  and the answer comes back "Service Project!" People always seem to have something come up...  Strange.  Well we went to the garden right behind the cannery and picked tons of tomatoes.  we also sorted them.  we also had a tomato fight.  The service project activities always turn out to be the most fun, so I don't see why everyone has such a bad attitude about them!!  oh well

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Mowing the lawn

I mowed the lawn on monday.

"But wait Danny, wasn't it raining all of monday?"

Yes.  Yes it was.

It was so manly!!  I just threw on some basketball shorts and a jacket and got busy.  I finally did something worthy of the address of this blog-- do work yo.  That work got did.  Holler.  If you've never done something in the rain that is usually done in the sun, you should try it.  Most of the time it makes it better.*

*unless it's tanning.