Sunday, March 20, 2011

St George Baby

We the people of the tennis team, in order to form a more perfect season, went down to st George, played tennis, and had a party. On the way there we stopped at a petting zoo (on accident. It was by a gas station) and there was a zebra. A freaking zebra.

And here's an ostrich

And an alpaca.

And some more of the ostrich.

What a strange selection of animals..

Goat, rabbit, zebra, alpaca.. There was even some peacocks!

And then we got to st George and played some xbox and some tennis and went to a buffet and won the whole tournament! It was freAking sweet.

We also made a sign that said smile if you're naked. (thank you sister brown and kassie and jessie) that van that said baptists on the side really enjoyed it I think. And Gustavo loved that sign... And doing the cat daddy. It was a solid weekend.

to whom it may concern: this week is no media week! So you won't be able to enjoy my blog until next Sunday! What a shame...
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Monday, March 14, 2011


I was looking at my pictures and realized that i had a lot of stuff to put on here that I forgot about! So this is my Christmas present...

this is the box

It came with three instruction books! Cause it was so crazy intense

I sorted all of the pieces by color to start out

This is the core with the motor and moving parts and stuff. That was the hardest part to build

It's up on 4 legs now!

It got some casing

And then it got finished, head and everything!

yes, I did say there's a motor in it. That means it walks. And when it walks the head looks back and forth! It's so cool!

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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Left out pictures

First of all, I think I got a new follower. I'm all the way up to 16 people that I can share my twisted views with. And then convince them to change their ways and become as manipulative as me! And then rule the world!! (insert evil laugh)

Second of all, you can update your iPod Touch's to iOS 4.3. Just plug it in to iTunes.

Third of all, I was looking through my pictures and found some from my Christmas trip to Oregon that I forgot to put on here! So now here are some of them.

This is my grandparents house, Grandma and Grandpa Ramos. My Grandpa is super funny. And their house is super old. Half the town truly believes that it's haunted. These first two are of their house.

All of their locks look like this. They're not that effective, because you can just put your finger in the door and pop it open haha.

This is their staircase. It's pretty neat how it turns.
I don't know if the picture does it justice.

And this one is my Aunt and Uncle's house.

They had a soda machine!! How freaking awesome is that! I'll tell you:

So there's some more of Oregon for ya!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sweater Swing

It was so tight. Yes, we were those Jedi and Sith. Our costumes were awesome. Here's what happened

Had a Barbecue (bacon cheeseburger. aaah yeah)
Dressed up
played some Sith dunk ball
Ate Ice Cream
Went to the dance
had a Lightsaber battle instead of dancing the first slow song
Attempted to impress Jessie with my force powers, but only embarrassed myself

As always, Sith beat the Jedi. Handily. The score was 261 to 61. Maybe we should've split up the teams or something. But it was crazy sweet. Laser Tagging is awesome. It was a pretty good date!

Saturday, March 5, 2011