Thursday, September 29, 2011

The tough guys

These are some tough guys.

from left to right: Nate Crosland, Carson Wilde, Hunter Cannon, Danny Harding

This is the day before Carson left us.
Talk about a party!

not pictured
Jeremy Jensen
Rickey Callister

Sunday, September 25, 2011


You may or may not have heard this story from your home teacher:

A fine member of the Church was talking with a neighbor who was not of our faith. When the topic of discussion turned to general conference, the neighbor asked, “You say you have prophets and apostles? And twice a year in a worldwide conference they reveal the word of God?”
“Absolutely,” the member replied with confidence.
The neighbor thought about that for a moment. He seemed genuinely interested and then asked, “What did they say in the last general conference?”
At this point the good member of the Church went from feeling excited about sharing the gospel to feeling embarrassed. Try as he might, he couldn’t think of the details of a single talk.
His friend found this troubling and said, “You mean to tell me that God speaks to man in our day and you can’t remember what He said?”

In 3 Nephi 19, it was "noised abroad" that Jesus would be coming the next day, and "there were many, yea, an exceedingly great number, did labor exceedingly all that night, that they might be on the morrow in the place where Jesus should show himself".  To what extent would you go to see and hear the savior speak? Well He is going to speak to us.  This weekend.  Through his Prophet and apostles.  You might remember when I said that General Conference is coming up.  That is exactly what I'm referring to.  In this awesome display of affection towards us, God is literally telling us what we need to know in our day. Our Heavenly Father is talking to us, so we better listen to what He is teaching, and remember.

Everybody has different needs.  That is why it's so amazing that the needs of everybody.. The needs of every single person.. are going to be communicated during General Conference.  The speaker is not always going to be the one telling you what you're supposed to do, or giving you the comfort you need.  Often times it is the Holy Ghost that will be communicating to you what you need to hear.  Listen to it's promptings, as well as the words of the speakers.  I know how hard it is to pay attention, especially when you're in your Pajamas and on the couch, but there's an easy fix for that. Pray for help to listen to General Conference and for answers to your questions, and then do your best to stay awake and focus, and God will do the rest.  Your questions will be answered at General Conference.  This is the only living church; We receive personal revelation and we have a living prophet to guide us.  Listen to the teachings of General Conference and you will be blessed.  This much I know.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Dear Piggy Bank,

Thank you for the 53 dollars.

You totally rock!

Sincerely, Danny Harding
(your owner)

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Happy Birthday Mom!

My mother's birthday was exactly one week ago today.
She's 42 years old and still pretty as can be!
She fed me, loved me and raised me.
She totally rocks, big time.

Happy Birthday Mom!

Monday, September 19, 2011

8-bit trip

This is the sweetest video!  Holy Cow!
Plus it has sweet music.

I especially love the pong part.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

I Am a Child of God

<--Wonderful piano done by Paul Cardall
Listen to it!
I am a child of God, and He has sent me here.
Has given me an earthly home with parents kind and dear.
Lead me, guide me, walk beside me, help me find the way.
Teach me all that I must do to live with him someday.
16 The Spirit itself beareth witness with our spirit, that we are the children of God:
 17 And if children, then heirs; heirs of God, and joint-heirs with Christ; if so be that we suffer with him, that we may be also glorified together.
We are all children of God, and as such need to live worthy of our divine inheritance.  What does being a child of God say about our capacities and potential?  We can do anything we want to.  You are worthy to be an heir, along with our big brother Jesus Christ, to all that our Father has.

Never forget the importance of the lyrics to this simple primary song:  'I Am a Child of God'

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Mother of all Harlots

Our cat keeps on having babies! She has no self control. They're cute now... But just you wait.

Anyways if you want a kitten, they're free!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Tragedy and the Existence of God

10 years ago some people did some bad things.  Very bad things.

Many atheists claim that tragedy and sorrow like this is what makes them believe that there is no God.  I say tragedy and sorrow like this is simply proof that there IS a God.  Some people claim "If there was a God he wouldn't let something this bad happen".  However, I believe if there was no God, then there would be no such thing as right and good, and therefore there would be no such thing as wrong and evil.  So if there was no God, then what happened 10 years ago today was simply a decision made by a person, and there was no evil or badness involved.  Their own argument is precisely why they're wrong.  There must be a God, because what those people did all those years ago WAS bad.

God has so much love for us that he's not going to baby us through life.  He loves us enough to give us trials..  And we're going to keep on having trials until we have become perfect like His son.  In other words, the hard times never stop.  The good news is that we can become more and more like His son through our trials.  The other good news is that God and Jesus are both there to help us through everything, and I love them for that.

           Tragedy isn't the proof of the non-existence of God.
                                   It's a reminder.

Answers from last week's riddles

Sorry, I forgot to post these answers for last week.

1. It's sawdust

2. A river

3. A watermelon

4. A deck of cards

5.  There's a son, a father, and a grandfather

6.  She is 12

7.  He is bald!

8.  The match

9.  They are copycats, therefore zero.

10.  Take glass number 2 and pour it into glass number 5.  Boom.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Wisdom Teeth Videos

The first video was taken by my dad, the other three were taken by me.  I don't know why, but I kept turning my camera on and off.  I also threaten the doctor that pulled my teeth out in most of these videos. I don't know why I felt such hatred to him... Enjoy!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Wisdom Teeth Pictures

Some pictures of me the day I got my wisdom teeth out.
I will also put up some videos!

She told me these were jumper cables 
 Here's Dr. McBee, who pulled the teeth
 This is right after in the car.
I wasn't really swollen at all.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Blogger's goin' all Facebook on us

The new Blogger interface.

I simply don't understand it yet, but once I look around I'm sure I'll enjoy it!

Do you like it or not?

Monday, September 5, 2011

Conference: It's coming up!

Solve these riddles:

1 As I went across the bridge, I met a man with a load of wood which was neither straight nor crooked. What kind of wood was it?

2 What has a mouth but can't chew?

3 There was a green house. Inside the green house there was a white house. Inside the white house there was a red house. Inside the red house there were lots of babies. What is it?

4 What is put on a table, cut, but never eaten?

5 Two fathers and two sons go fishing. Each of them catches one fish. So, why do they bring home only 3 fish?

6 When asked how old she was, Suzie replied "In two years I will be twice as old as I was five years ago." How old is she?

7 Mr Archibald went for a walk in the forest. It began to rain suddenly and he couldn't didn't have anything to protect his head. But not even a few hairs got wet. How is this possible?

8 There are 3 stoves. A glass stove, a brick stove, and a wood stove. You only have 1 match. Which do you light up first?

9 It there were 9 cats on a bridge and one jumped over the edge, how many would be left?

10 Six glasses are in a row. The first three are full of juice; the second three are empty. By moving only one glass, can you arrange them so empty and full glasses alternate?

Those were hard, just like life. However, how easy would they have been if I had given you hints? for example, on number 3, think about fruit. On number 7, think about his age. These clues make these riddles significantly easier. If you can get these kind of hints about life, why wouldn't you listen intently and pay close attention? This is what General Conference is.

"But they always talk about the same thing!! I've heard it all before!" Let me tell you something, true Principles don't change. And we, as children, need repetition in order to learn. If we're not learning what we're taught, then obviously we need to hear it again until we are perfect at it; and there is only one person who can claim perfection at any trait.

"Don't discount a message merely because it sounds familiar." -Dieter F. Uchtdorf

Conference is messages from God, to us. So get ready to listen up.

(Answers coming next post)